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It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish

..I will save you

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Name, Age, Sex, location, birthday is listed above. Last time I checked i was 5"4 1/4 but I *feel* so much taller :D. My hair if you can spot me is black with green highlights.. yes the colors are intentional. And it looks awesome, by the way.

There are complications with my genetic makeup, in that i know i am black, american indian, and chinese, but my family will not discuss the divisions clearly. i DO know that im no more than half black, and i know that im more american indian than chinese, but how the other half of me is divided up is unclear. I tend to mark down "native american" on surveys when I know nobody counts them, but i try to figure out what surveys are looking for. i'm a big fan of the "other" category. But anyway my race is not the most important thing about me! This paragraph has just been sort of grandfathered in because this account is so old.

I'm a lost furry! Some group come find me!

I Currently have:

My favorite possessions are definitely my ridiculously expensive and unnecessary collection of hair styling tools. Then my clothes. I grew up with really curly hair so controlling it is like center to my general wellbeing.

I'm a huge fan of dried up red roses (as in dead, not flattened), and black roses. I have an orange cat named Commander Fluffenhausen. I'm a bad owner because I forget his first name. I never address him by it anyway. Anyway he is ADORABLE but he seems to have a bit of a weight problem. 1 in 3 American pets are overweight, I guess. Anyway, more to love!

I like things that look like old.. castle-y style? I want to say gothic but you can probably guess that from my profile. I like detail, and I can pay a lot of attention to detail in other things than just the way things look. you'll see.

People scare me :O I also love people. I'm complicated. I also have problems with intimacy. I also like girls. No, I don't like you. No, I will not hit on you if I meet you in person.

I also have a disorder called Tricotillomania, it's where you can't stop pulling out your hair.. It started maybe when I was 9? It's no where near as bad as it used to be. Depression, ranging over time periods, relapsed quite a few times.. but this part of me is solely discussed in my friends only entries.

I'm no longer homeless yay! I've managed to score this really small place for a reasonable price. Now to not screw it up..

I love pizza (Papa Johns), chinese food, bacon, and mexican, yet I love dieting. I like to eat. I like to go long periods hating food and not eating. I hate throwing up and will never do that. Oh, I like to drink but am too lazy to drink alone. So join me?

TMI? This is what my journal is like.


band/artist above every artist/band i list next: De/vision
Pop Star: Britney Spears
Emo Band: The Get Up Kids
Surf Rock Band: The Beach Boys
Metal band: Killswitch Engage
Alt Rock band: Goo Goo Dolls or Nine Days.. *unsure*
Screamo band: A Static Lullaby
Noise Rock Band: The Paper Chase
Cyber Band: De/Vision
Garage band: Something Corporate, maybe
Punk Band: Head Automatica (not into punk that much)
Synthpop Artist: Neuroticfish
song: "Shimmer" By Fuel
color: Gray/Silver
emoticon: :|
coffee flavor: Hazelnut
candy: Gummy Worms, but marzipan if you get the right one..cookies and cream bars maybe
soda: Dr. Pepper, can be trumped by anything in a glass bottle, like crush
card game: Magic The Gathering, Blackjack
computer game: Starcraft
MMORPG: Runescape! but I'm highly ranked in eternum, used to be #1 in the world. look me up.
video game: Capcom Fighting Evolution

Random Quotes

"It's like having a duel identity. There's the person everybody sees and the person you want to be" -Smallville

"It's not my fault you love me" -Lindsay Lohan in "Mean Girls" the movie

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Self-Injury: You are NOT the only one.

Monday, March 1, 2004 is SI Awareness Day.

"We are male and female. We are artists, athletes, students, and business owners. We have depression, DID, PTSD, eating disorders, borderline personalities, bipolar disorder, or maybe no diagnosis at all. Some of us were abused, some were not. We are straight, bi, and gay. We come from all walks of life and can be any age. We are every single race or religion that you can possibly think of. Our common link is this: We are in pain. We self-injure. And we are not freaks."
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